Inspired by India - TARC’s story

For ages, the profound richness of the Indian heritage and legacy has served as an inspiration to the world. Its diverse tapestry of art, culture, spirituality, and ancient wisdom has left a lasting impression on humanity. From Yoga's transformative power to architectural marvels, Indian heritage continues to kindle flames of imagination and foster a deep appreciation for its timeless contributions across the globe.

Thus, TARC draws inspiration from India's timeless heritage, traditions, and grandeur. This has made us redefine rich standards of living with our ultra-luxury apartments in Gurgaon and Delhi. Rooted in the rich tapestry of Indian culture, TARC seamlessly blends opulence with the essence of the nation. Regal living as per the ancient Indian context is one which focuses on harmonious nature, inner well-being, simplicity and minimalism. However, holistic health and wellness are at the nucleus.

These form the foundation of TARC's ultra-luxury apartments in Gurgaon and Delhi, namely TARC Ishva, TARC Maceo and TARC Tripundra .

TARC's commitment to Indian heritage is evident in every facet of its architectural masterpiece. Each design resonates with the echoes of a glorious past, embodying the intricate craftsmanship and artistry of ancient India. Beyond aesthetics, TARC delves into the essence of Indian traditions. The properties evoke a sense of tranquility through meticulously designed Zen gardens, meditation rooms, Yoga zones and more that offer a serene living experience.

Inspired by India's ancient context of living with peace and closeness to nature, we always ensure to “create a space for the mind”. Therefore, our homes are sanctuaries for our residents where they can relax, rejuvenate, and introspect in peace.

With these aspects engraved in its philosophy, TARC has made its place in the premium living market. Our havens are not just inspired by, they exude each facet of its beautiful past. You can gauge this as soon as you walk into our plus properties India.

TARC has taken luxury living to new heights, offering ultra-luxury apartments in Gurgaon and Delhi that redefine opulence. The spaces are adorned with the finest materials and modern amenities, ensuring a lifestyle which is in harmony with India's grandeur.

Without a chain of doubt, TARC's dedication to weaving Indian heritage into its designs and regal living is evident in its luxurious apartments in Gurgaon and Delhi The unique blend of India's immensely rich past and contemporary comfort and elegance turns everything into an experience here.