Where legacy finds a new home

India's essence is a confluence of art and innovation. At TARC, we are inspired by the grandeur of India. In our ethos, you' will find a celebration of India's unparalleled legacy: the perfect blend of age-old wisdom, deep-rooted sustainability and modern aesthetics. In India's past, we find our future. Our aesthetics are drawn from the heritage and our solutions are based on the scientific principles and traditional sustainability.

TARC Luxury: Creating Space for the Mind

Luxury is equated with sheer opulence, magnificence, or aesthetic allure. Yet, TARC transcends this surface definition. Embracing luxury that deeply resonates with the soul, cherishes genuine human connection, and fosters inner peace, TARC emerges as a brand profoundly attuned to the intangible facets of luxury.

TARC tripundra

At TARC, our abodes are infused with the timeless essence and grandeur of simplicity, creating a living experience that beautifully blends heritage and opulence.

Guiding TARC to New Horizons: Our Leadership

TARC stands out as a leading luxury real estate developer of Delhi. The aspiration to embody India's essence, coupled with steadfast work ethics and the trust of countless stakeholders, has been instrumental in TARC's dynamic leadership.

Customer Experience at TARC

Mr. Baldev Varma, shares his extraordinary firsthand experience of TARC Tripundra.

Customer reviews at TARC

Ms. Ritika Israni's perspective on owning a home at TARC Tripundra.

Customer Experience at TARC

Mr. Sunil Mehra is among TARC's delighted customers.

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