Sustainable Living: Inspired by India

Sustainability: Born from Indian-ism

The Indian heritage has been the cornerstone of sustainable living principles since time immemorial. Rooted in ancient traditions, it embodies a harmonious relationship between humanity and nature. India's heritage is marked by frugality, recycling, and the preservation of resources.

For Sustainability, For Future

Sustainability is not just a buzzword. It is a necessity, especially in the realm of real estate. It ensures a responsible use of resources, reduces environmental impact, and nurtures a healthier lifestyle. There are several compelling factors that make one admit that sustainability is indeed need of the hour.

Environmental Responsibility

Sustainable practices reduce carbon footprints, lower energy consumption, and conserve resources. In an era when global environmental challenges are becoming increasingly critical, every step towards reducing our ecological impact matters.

Economic Viability

Sustainable homes and real estate projects have significantly cut-down on utility costs by installing energy-efficient systems and using eco-friendly materials. Property owners tend to enjoy long-term savings while developers yield benefits from the value appreciation of their property.

Health and Well-Being

Entering a sustainable space guarantees healthier and happier environments. Improved air quality, natural lighting, and reduced toxins in materials contribute to residents' well-being and enhanced quality of life.


With a growing global focus on environmental regulations and green initiatives, sustainable properties are the obvious choice for the times to come. They not only meet evolving market demands but also open doors to incentives and certifications that enhance the asset’s current value.

Sustainable real estate development is exactly what is needed in the present times to deal with the growing challenges of urban congestion, deteriorating air quality and rapid climate change. If you are a buyer looking for ultra-luxury apartments in Delhi and Gurgaon , finding a place that has incorporated sustainability into its architecture should be in the forefront of your mind.

TARC's Commitment to Sustainability - TARC Tripundra

TARC, a brand synonymous with ultra-luxury apartments in Delhi and Gurgaon, has taken a resolute stance on sustainability. For us, it is not just a word, but a promise, a core value embedded in the value system of TARC. TARC's philosophy is rooted in the belief of harmonious coexistence with nature.

One of the crowning jewels of this commitment is TARC Tripundra, an IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) certified green building. This grand structure, nestled amidst the bustling city of Delhi is the perfect example of responsible luxury living.

TARC Tripundra's sustainable architecture is more than just aesthetics. It is about creating a sustainable abode for its residents. Optimising energy efficiency and minimising environmental impact were the key objectives. This green oasis embraces the principles of Indian culture, promoting a balanced lifestyle.

TARC's vision extends beyond construction of ultra-luxury residences in Delhi and Gurugram. It is about creating spaces where every resident experiences the profound connection between their home and the environment. With TARC Tripundra, they’ve achieved just that - a harmonious blend of ultra-luxury and sustainability.

In conclusion, sustainability is not just a choice but a necessity. TARC's unwavering commitment to sustainability, exemplified by TARC Tripundra, stems from a vision that enables luxury and environmental responsibility to coexist. For TARC, nature is not just a backdrop, but an inseparable part of living luxuriously.