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TARC Gateway

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Currently, operating as a hotel, this property offers an expansive banqueting facility and is ideal for hosting premium weddings and corporate events. A large footprint, high visibility on the main national highway with almost 6 acres, and close to the HNI zones of New Delhi provides the hotel with a huge advantage enabling it to host luxe events and weddings.

This vantage location is a big draw with direct access from the highway and seamless accessibility from both Delhi and Gurugram.

Only a few minutes from the New Delhi International Airport, it continues to be a preferred destination.

Proposed Amenities

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  • Strategic location, direct access and high visibility on the main National Highway

  • Expansive spaces supporting large and luxe events

  • Upscale amenities in the hotel

  • Meeting rooms and conferencing facilities

  • Large banqueting supported through lawns and organised parking zones

More Projects

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