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TARC Industrial
Park North Delhi

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TARC Industrial Park North Delhi
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This development in the domain of warehouse and logistics is being planned to meet the current and future needs of the high growth pharma and FMCG segment.

We intend to create solutions for these industries by offering them the only organised logistics hub in the vicinity which is capable of providing integrated solutions specific to this domain. Using our technical expertise, we will be offering customised solutions for these sectors to ensure synergies and cost efficiencies in their business operations.

The project has a prime location advantage. It is situated in the zone of Delhi with direct access to the highway. This advantage is being further capitalised by offering a future-ready development to maximize its attractiveness for all companies seeking to be a part of this park.

The various prerequisites for developing such logistics hubs have been integrated into the master plan along with tech-enabled security and safety measures. Additionally, seamless access from the main National Highway along with large dedicated parking bays will ensure efficiency in vehicular movements inside the park.

Proposed Amenities

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- Easily accessible from NH-1
- Dedicated large parking bays
- Designed to ensure efficient vehicular movement
- Tech-enabled security and safety measures
- Secured and gated infrastructure
- Green zones and a large footprint a huge enabler

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