TARC Industrial
District Manesar

TARC Industrial District Manesar
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A strategically consolidated land bank of 148 acres, this ambitious project is designed to become a state-of-the-art Industry and Logistics Hub for the automotive segment.

Our land parcel is adjacent to the expansion zone of Maruti Suzuki - the largest proposed industrial development in the Manesar region. This gives our project tremendous value and importance.

We plan to support and strengthen the manufacturing ecosystem around this development by providing high-quality warehousing and allied solutions to all Tier I and Tier II suppliers in the automotive segment as well as ancillary units. This will help integrate the entire supply chain ecosystem and act as a catalyst for growth in this highly attractive industrial zone.

Proposed Amenities

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- High quality B2B Industry and Logistics Hub with a focus on the large automotive segment
- Designed and planned to be an environment friendly green hub
- Will include zoned development to synergise with the master planning of the Hub
- Efficient layout and well mapped-out support services plan
- Internationally benchmarked through the incorporation of global best practices
- Secure, tech-enabled cluster development process to be followed

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