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The TARC Edge

During the last four decades of growing and developing projects across Delhi-NCR, we have acquired and built strong domain capabilities in land acquisition along with conceptualisation, design and execution of projects across different verticals.

These internal capabilities and synergies across different teams are the core strengths that lead TARC in efficiently navigating the intricacies of real estate development in cities. This provides us with a huge competitive advantage both in terms of developing high quality projects and in consistently maximising value for our stake holders with each new project that we embark upon.

At TARC, our purpose and focus is on creating enduring value across projects for all of our customers and stakeholders and this has led to us creating a unique integrated and synergised business model.

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We are committed to long term value creation. Hence, our strategy has been to own

and control all of the critical value streams integral to creating real estate projects

of high socio-economic quality.

It begins from investing upfront and creating an asset base with committed long

term capital. This ensures that our developments can meet our quality and scale

specifications and are future-ready too.

Over the years, our leadership's vision has enabled us to curate an extremely strong asset base with an enviable land bank in the heart of India's capital.

We have invested strategically based on our in-depth understanding of this vibrant market and all land parcels have been fully paid for. Located strategically across the city of New Delhi, they are expansive in both size and scope, laying a foundation for the conceptualisation and building of visionary, sought-after urban spaces across different domains.

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The majority of our key land parcels are located in the heart of New Delhi, providing us with a unique competitive advantage to develop various projects across different verticals. These range from upscale high-rise residential condominiums to luxury hospitality and boutique retail.

The management at TARC has meticulously worked on crafting these platforms and it now seeks to develop and unlock immense value by creating a bouquet of pioneering projects in New Delhi focussed on Experiential Living.

We are geared up for the next phase of high growth, maintaining a strong focus on our core philosophy of transforming urban living by creating meaningful and thoughtfully designed spaces where our urban consumers can thrive and actualise the lives they dreamt of.

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