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A Journey into TARC Tripundra's Experiential Living Landscape

TARC Tripundra Living

Experiences are the major decision drivers in modern times, where everything is so immediately available that rational decision-making has taken a backseat. But when it comes to buying a dream home, the prospective homebuyer is always looking for an experience to be cherished for a lifetime. Harnessing the power of this realization, TARC – one of the known developers in Delhi is providing experiential living to homebuyers who are more into experiencing a lifestyle that’s not the norm!

TARC Tripundra is a group housing project developed by TARC, one of the leading real estate developers in India. It offers sustainable living spaces, including 3 BHK luxury flats in Delhi. The primary philosophy of TARC Tripundra is to provide the customers with the maximum value for their money by offering a functional, efficient, and user-friendly development which allows for experiential living and sustainable development.

Design Philosophy

The core principles of TARC are to Create, Nurture & Protect, which guide the organization in all aspects of their work. The Design Philosophy of TARC also abides by these values. This philosophy aims to offer the customers the maximum value for their money by providing functional, efficient, and user-friendly development that also allows for Experiential Living and Sustainable Development in all aspects.

Experiential Living Decoded

Experiential Living is a critical aspect of TARC Tripundra. It is an eco-system designed to provide value, quality, and satisfaction to the customer. It is not just a feature of the TARC Tripundra; instead, it is a standard of quality that needs to be built into the offering while developing it. Design and philosophy play a defining role in making the experience worth living through.

TARC Tripundra provides a range of amenities across the development targeted at all age groups and user categories. It offers sports & health facilities, dining and gathering facilities, teens corner, appreciation areas, etc. These facilities are designed to enhance the concept of community living among the residents, thus creating a sense of belonging. TARC Tripundra is a relatively small and low-density community of 800 residents, promoting age group cohesiveness as well as intellectually connecting people of similar mindsets.

Living Spaces

The residences at TARC Tripundra have balconies/decks accessible from all bedrooms and living or dining areas. These semi-open spaces form an extension of the indoor spaces, allowing the functions to spill out organically. The general practice is to provide balcony areas about 20-25% of the unit carpet area. TARC Tripundra provides a minimum of 32% and even goes up to 66%. This allows residents to own private semi-open outdoor spaces and use the balcony/deck spaces as part of their living experience and not just a space to stand. With such specifications, it can be said that TARC Tripundra offers one of the most sought-after 4 BHK luxury apartments in Delhi.

Convenience and Comfort

TARC Tripundra provides elevators at a ratio of 16 units per elevator, which is less than the general market practice of 22-28 units per elevator. This gives a very low waiting time, almost non-existent. There are also facilities like Tuck Shop or a Convenient Store for all your daily needs and a Medical Centre for unforeseen emergencies.

Locational Advantage

TARC Tripundra is located within 20 minutes of commute from all necessary facilities and life requirements, giving it a locational advantage compared to none. Be it commercial establishments, health infrastructure, educational institutions, public transit, entertainment centers, all are within touching distances.

To put it simply, TARC Tripundra offers experiential living to its residents with its remarkable architecture, amenities, and community living. The project has been designed with extensive experiential living and sustainable development features while adhering to the authority requirements, market practices, business needs, and construction limitations. TARC Tripundra is a perfect abode for those seeking luxurious, convenient, and comfortable lifestyle in Delhi.

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