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New Age Luxury is Experiential Living!

Luxury Living Room


A home is not luxurious until it represents an extension of your life, an expression of your lifestyle that defines you. And since the onset of the global coronavirus pandemic, it has become quite clear how people across all walks of life value their experiences. This true to life experience mindset has also extended seamlessly to people's homebuying preferences. Today, urban homebuyers want every facet of their home filled with unique experiences. This need goes beyond the traditional spacious homes with ample amounts of amenities and conveniences. It has transformed into choosing a home that reflects their personality and makes them feel exclusive. At the same time, they want to spend quality time with their family indulging in activities that give meaning to their lives. They want comfort, security, well-being, and enjoy unique privileges that define their daily life. This new-age mindset, new-age luxury is here to stay, and it provides an experiential residential space where you create & live your best memories. Several innovations have entered the real estate space and are directly influencing the buying pattern of the consumers. If you are a luxury home buyer, you need to be abreast with the latest technologies and innovations that have come up in the space. That's what we will cover going ahead.

4 Factors Affecting Luxury Living

An array of factors affects and contribute to your way of living. If you are a luxury home buyer, you need to go through numerous factors while browsing several luxury homes in Delhi. Here are 4 factors that you must consider.


Architecture design and technology have redefined the meaning of urban living. Urban living standards can be seen across vertical development in the form of spacious homes on acres of land with luxurious fittings & finishes, multi-purpose amenities and conveniences. These offerings often come with unique, rare privileges that let people indulge in true experiential living.

Homebuyers have embraced such standards as they want to exhibit new luxury trends via their humble abodes. They have also been fond of such development as it sets them apart from others, and the area surrounding them comes as a reflection of theirs.

Therefore, you need to check if your ideal home meets all the urban living standards.

Home Automation

Home Automation and Home Tech are other factors that have become a household name in the notion of experiential living. The ability to control lights, adjust temperatures and monitor security systems through personal assistants such as Alexa or Siri at the speed of a click creates the desire to be exceptional and live the smarter side of life.

When you plan on living a luxurious life in Delhi, home automation must be at the top of your consideration while buying a luxury home. It becomes essential to check if the home wires are well fitted & connected.

Premium Fittings & Fixtures

If you look at the most desired spaces, you will find a hint of traditionalism and modernity in between the fittings & furnishings that radiate vibrancy and individualism. Hence, luxury buyers also look for a premium look and feel in their home while taking care of their environment with features of energy-efficiency systems, water-harvesting structures, and waste recycling within the community area. Hence, it becomes quite crucial to check these before buying your dream luxury home.

Healthy Lifestyle

Besides all the lifestyle features, urban homebuyers are now keen on preferring a home where they can enjoy healthy living effortlessly. These residents look for a better quality of air and water along with a shift to organically grown edible products for overall well-being. For the adrenaline rush, their preferences spread across Heated Indoor Swimming Pool, Gymnasium, Aerobics Centre, Spa & Steam room, Cycling track & much more.

In the forthcoming years, the demand for such health-centric features in proximity to natural surroundings promoting a healthy lifestyle will become a crucial part of experiential, luxury living. Therefore, the kind of lifestyle a house will provide must be checked before finalising your ideal luxury home.


The above-mentioned factors must be checked carefully while checking out the luxury homes in Delhi. These factors ensure that you get to experience a high-end luxury living in Delhi. Experiential living has become the new way of living, and it will soon start to define the luxury segment in the real estate space.

Companies like TARC are known for providing experiential living that gives you the best taste of luxury. Projects like TARC Maceo & TARC Tripundra by TARC LTD are becoming the epitome of experiential living and are redefining how luxury is served to people.

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