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Dynamics of luxury home buying in India 2022-23

Luxury Home Buying In India

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the reopening of the luxury home buying markets has seen a splurge in investments in properties above 1 Cr, in the real estate sector, especially amongst the High-Net-Worth individuals. The demand for bigger homes, better amenities and attractive pricing is what is drawing the increased interest of the uber-rich in this segment of luxury homes in India.

Even though the approach of the ultra-rich towards procuring properties is bullish, and the supply of luxury real estate in India may take some time to pick up post-pandemic, the market is resurgent when it comes to investing in luxury houses. With cities like Delhi and Mumbai dominating the market, it is expected that the real estate companies in India will experience a robust recovery in 2022-2023.

With low-interest rates and easy availability of loans for investing in luxury properties, and falling rates of return on investment in traditional instruments like Fixed deposits, Gold and the Equity Market, investing in luxury homes in Delhi and other metro cities in India is a good idea for the present year, 2022.

The following factors would explain this better:

Key Demand Indicators

With work-from-home prevalent everywhere post-pandemic, people are now demanding to invest in luxury houses in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and other metro cities all across the country. Luxury home buyers are now shifting their focus to improved quality of life, with special emphasis on health and comfort, right from the confines of their homes. Hence, luxury properties with a resort-like feeling, distinctive features, the latest modern amenities and healthy lifestyle facilities are gaining momentum amongst the urban high net worth investors.

Concept of luxury housing

People have realised the value of finding solace and relaxation at home with grand outdoor areas having huge patios, bar areas to chill with friends and outdoor kitchens to rejuvenate their senses and taste buds. Premium developers have understood the need-of-the-hour and hence are providing home buyers with amenities like gymnasiums, pools, high-end elevators, luxurious lobby areas with comfortable seating, gardens, balconies, waterfalls, private clubs, and much more so that people get a resort-like feeling within their home premises. This has led to a tremendous rise in demand for luxury properties all over the country.

Expected Boom in the market

Seeing the surging demands, the developers and realtors of the real estate industry have queued up a good line-up of launches through joint-ventures and joint development agreements to soar high in the present rising market conditions. There are many luxury properties coming up across many metro cities in India, the TARC group in Delhi-NCR being one of them. These luxury home projects are sure to change the face of the real estate sector in the country in the upcoming years.

Final Take

The spike in demand for luxury and premium properties in India is surely set to create new milestones and yield great ROI for investors and realtors. Leading real estate companies like TARC in Delhi, NCR, are acquiring huge masses of land and conceptualising and designing luxury homes through multiple projects across different verticals. Investing in these properties is a great investment opportunity for those looking for high returns in the future.

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