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Luxury at its Best: Presenting Customisable Homes at TARC Tripundra

Tripundra Customisable Homes

Our home is an integral part of our life, a reflection of our personality. However, as the real estate industry progresses towards vertical development and fulfils the accommodation needs of the growing population, it has lost the meaning of giving the human touch that connects us to our humble abode. However, that has changed with the offerings of customisable homes at TARC Tripundra.

TARC, one of the leading real estate developers in Delhi has come up with its latest luxury residential project Tripundra to bring the homely feeling of being at our home that we recognise. For four decades, the real estate development company has transformed the way we have lived and is all set now to provide you with a home that is built in accordance with your needs.

Apartments at TARC Tripundra

The apartments at Tripundra are designed with minimal internal circulation spaces, which means that they offer a more relaxing living experience. The architecture is of contemporary design, and all the apartments are fitted with air-conditioning. These luxury flats in New Delhi come with a centrally living-dining area from which all the rooms are accessed.

With its plush interiors, state-of-the-art facilities, and world-class amenities, TARC Tripundra apartments are definitely luxury at its best. These 4 BHK Flats in Delhi come with a number of customisable features that allow you to create the perfect living space for yourself. Plus, the impressive array of exclusive amenities ensures that you will have everything you need to enjoy your stay here at TARC Tripundra.

Trending Designs to Choose from

Tripundra intends to offer a luxury lifestyle in the most prestigious part of New Delhi. It does this through its customisable homes, which are built according to the clients’ needs and desires. The company offers assorted styles based on your preferences, but one thing is for sure: you're guaranteed a home that meets your grand expectations.

Material Palette #1

Uber Chic

This trendy design represents the perfect mix of cosmopolitan, modern, and minimalist design. It is quite popular in the mainstay of boutique hotels and luxury apartments. Under core specifications, plain walls form a base which makes it easy to add design accents through pops of colours by way of fabric and artwork.

Overall, if you want your home to look fashionable for tomorrow and be on top of real estate trends, you must choose Uber Chic.

Material Palette #2


The Contemporary palette employs minimalistic elements with endless opportunities to evolve. It distils the most current design trends into spaces that are subtle and easy to adapt into your own personal style.

If you want your reflection to extend to every corner of your house with minimal effect, then you can choose Contemporary.

Material Palette #3

Boho Chic

The Boho Chic home decor style adopts a neutral base with pops of elements and colours which are texturally and visually diverse. Rattan, macramé, ethnic patterns on pillows and rugs, natural wood veneers, etc., combined with the relaxed features of modern interior design, resulting in fresh and inviting spaces.

A welcoming place that pops out to elevate your eyesight will fulfil requirement for Boho Chic.

Material Palette #4

Modern Classic

This slightly more robust design language draws inspiration from classic European house design, which serves as a base. This, coupled with modern elements by furniture, accessories, and neutral upholstery, creates a balanced yet bold aesthetic.

Modern Classic will fulfil your need to balance the needs of both worlds.

In Conclusion

TARC Tripundra offers luxury apartments in Delhi that are supreme in every sense. Tripundra is perfect for people who want to live in a luxurious but comfortable environment. They come with all the modern amenities and facilities, and their customisation options make them utterly unique and one-of-a-kind.

If you're looking for a luxurious flat in New Delhi that you can completely personalise to your own specifications, then TARC is the perfect builder for you.

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