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Construction Quality at TARC Tripundra: A Look at the Crucial Element of the Brand’s Rich Legacy

Construction Quality

It’s common for brands to be born out of history and make a bold statement about their future. But the fantastic work that Anant Raj Tripundra has put in revolutionising human life for four decades has been gradually building its legacy over the years. One of its key characteristics is the quality construction which we will look upon briefly in this blog.

General Contractor: Colliers International

Employer of 15,000 employees in more than 400 offices in 68 countries, Collier International is a leading diversified professional service and real estate management company. TARC is proud to have the esteemed organisation as the project’s General Contractor.

Core Aspects of the Construction Quality

Keeping people at the heart of its philosophy, the brand abides by its duty of providing top-notch construction quality for a safe and healthy life. Here’s how forty years of expertise and knowledge translated to quality construction at Tripundra.

  • RMC Pump for an efficient pouring of concrete on upper floors

  • Safety briefing before the start of the work

  • Reinforced fabrication with 500D grade

  • Composite mild steel and wooden shuttering for columns

  • Concrete mix supervision and retention time checking for each transit mix

  • Slump test to check the quality of the mix

  • Testing the concrete cubes to check the strength

  • Detailed testing to ensure high-quality construction and finish

  • Laser level usage for high-quality construction and finish

  • Partition block created using AAC blocks

Earthquake Resistant RCC Structure as per Zone V

To ensure a sturdy and rugged structure, Tripundra homes are built of the best quality steel & cement to withstand any level of earthquake. The construction techniques have designed houses with extra protection on all sides with high-level platforms and techniques. The primary thing to note is that Tripundra is ascribing to a level beyond the mandatory required Zone IV.

Customisable Specification with Trendy Themes

One of the best offerings of TARC Tripundra is the ability to customise homes as per the customers’ requirements. Here’s what they can choose from:

Material Palette #1

Uber Chic

This trendy design represents the perfect mix of sophisticated, modern, and minimalist designs. It is pretty popular in the mainstay of boutique hotels and luxury apartments.

Material Palette #2


The Contemporary palette employs minimalistic elements with endless opportunities to evolve. It distils the most current design trends into spaces that are subtle and easy to adapt into your own personal style.

Material Palette #3

Boho Chic

The Boho Chic home decor style adopts a neutral base with pops of elements and colours which are texturally and visually diverse.

Material Palette #4

Modern Classic

This slightly more robust design language draws inspiration from classic European house design, which serves as a base. Modern Classic fulfils the need to balance the needs 0of both worlds.

Outdoor Facade

Design to break the repetitive patterns of the typical group housing project, the façade at Tripundra humanises the scale of the building without detaching itself from its immediate context. On hot summer days, they act as sun shading devices and help to cool down the temperature for more extended durability of the homes.

The façade is made up of several different sections, each of which were carefully constructed according to specifications. All the panels and components were checked for quality before they were installed onsite.

In Conclusion

TARC has become a household name due to its reputation for delivering quality homes. Tripundra is an extension of the brand’s rich legacy of keeping people’s needs & aspirations at its heart. With state-of-the-art construction techniques and in-depth consumer research, every project undergoes rigorous scrutiny before it is given the green light. From start to finish, you can be sure that your home with TARC will exceed all your expectations.

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