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Rail Infrastructure in Delhi: Bijwasan Railway Station to be Revamped by 2024

Bijwasan Railway Station

Over the last couple of years, various infrastructure projects in Delhi have been taken forward by the Indian Government. The importance of these projects is significant given that they help promote economic growth and create direct employment opportunities in the vast majority of the country's topography and climatic conditions.

The national capital has a lot of projects going on - the current focus being constructing new stations within the city. From the revamping of Bijwasan Railway Station to building new railway lines, there is a lot to look forward to!

This blog will look into the recent announcements made by the Indian Government toward the redevelopment of the Bijwasan railway station.

Overview of the Planned Project

With an estimated cost of Rs 270.82 crore & the aim is to transform the small station in one of Delhi's suburbs into a world-class transport hub by 2024. The construction has already begun on-site for a high-quality mega terminal. Commercial development will come alongside as well as other development and infrastructure work. Northern Railways has taken the lead in managing the track infrastructure, while RLDA has taken the responsibility of managing all other developments related to the terminal building, concourse, and passenger area.

Specifications of the Project

The redevelopment of Biswajan Railway Station has been planned across three primary sections. The first one is a terminal station building with an area of 30,400 square meters, followed by an air concourse of 12,500 square meters. The last one is a circulating road network of 1,23,500 square meters, including roads in and around the station premises for smooth entry and exit of both vehicles & passengers.

Additionally, the plan extends to the development of a sewage treatment plant and water treatment plant.

Railway Station Infrastructure

Currently, the railway station houses just two platforms which will be extended to the number eight, including four passenger subway. Plans have also been made for congestion-free entry and exit for the passengers while paving the way for separate movement paths for departing & arriving passengers.

Seamless Connectivity in and Around

The station will have separate pick-up and drop-off zones, with facilities such as lifts and escalators to allow for more efficient passenger travel. There will also be multi-modal integration with Delhi Metro, the planned Interstate Bus Terminal and private vehicles that can share parking spaces. There will be a waiting area and a retail shop that will complement the easy commute.

In Conclusion

Rail infrastructure is essential for a city like Delhi, and as the population of the capital continues to grow, so too does the need for more reliable and efficient rail services. The Bijwasan Railway Station will be revamped by 2024, marking another significant milestone in ensuring that commuters have better access to rail transportation. This project marks an important step in furthering Delhi’s goal of becoming India’s most advanced metropolis and improving the standards of living for its citizens.

This development also comes across as an investment opportunity as the locality surrounding Bijwasan Railway station, including the IGI Airport, Aerocity, and Pushpanjali Farms as all these will see a tremendous amount of development in near future. One of the best investments people can make near Bijwasan is owning a luxury property by a reputed real estate developers in Delhi.

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