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Creating Enduring Value

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Our Story

Nearly four decades ago, Anil Sarin started a journey that placed the customer’s needs and aspirations at the heart of his work.
The business started out as a construction and contracting company and evolved to become one of the largest real estate development companies and land bank holders in the New Delhi Metropolitan Area. The strong work ethics and the trust earned during this journey became the bedrock for higher growth.

Our Sory 2

Our Approach

Ready for Today,

Ready for Tomorrow

At TARC, we are passionate about creating beautiful homes, harmonious workspaces and welcoming lifestyle hubs. We are invested in our journey of co-creating the future with our consumers so that they can explore and engage with life more meaningfully.

We stay true to our purpose of curating living spaces for the health and happiness of communities. This means designing an ecosystem where relationships are nurtured and enhanced.


We have built our culture and capabilities around continuously evolving consumer tastes and aspirations. It is here, through our unwavering commitment, that we are able to bring boundless urban living to life.

A mindset of curiosity and continuous learning inspires us to discover the impossible and solve big for our customers. A culture of seeking the new, innovating and re-imagining enables TARC to remain agile and nimble while navigating the intricacies of real estate development through the life cycle of projects.


We value our people and respect the interdependencies of the business enterprises in today’s global ecosystem while pursuing and establishing strong relationships with our collaborators and partners.



At TARC, we believe in each individual’s ability to lead transformational growth. The leadership at TARC strives to create a magnetic ecosystem within the company catalysing creativity and disruption. Our spaces are alive with possibilities as we foster pride and passion for pursuing excellence. Continuous flow and cross pollination of ideas amongst teams empowers us to simplify the complex and solve big.

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Our Philosophy

Create, Nurture, Protect

These words lie at the heart of TARC. They help us remain committed to our vision of being the enablers of change in a customer's life. They also inspire us to look after our own - to celebrate and honour the lived realities behind the name tags and desk plates. While we take great pride in our work, we never lose sight of our responsibilities. Not just to our customers and employees but also to the society around us. As we grow and achieve greater success, humility and compassion keeps us grounded.

Our Philosophy
Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Unlocking human potential by bringing seamless, wholesome living

to life.

Our Mission

To create enduring value through curating experiential living.

We strive to transform urban lifestyles by empowering people to actualise and experience their lives more meaningfully.

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Core Principles

Core Principles

Collectively Committed

Our values define what we stand for.

Integrity Leads Us

Creating Enduring Value

Humility & Strength

We believe in leading with transparency and strive to build strong relationships based on trust with all our stakeholders.

Our true measure of success is creating wonderful experiences for our customers by thinking out of the box.

We have a responsibility to create a welcoming, trusted and inclusive workspace that fosters warmth and individual expression.

Own the Outcome

The Power of We

Break the Mold

We work together to accelerate our growth. We make everyday count. We value time and think action at every step.

We work towards achieving excellence collectively by empowering, recognising and providing equal opportunity to all.

Our tools help us exceed expectations with creativity and imagination by aiming higher and adopting smart work practices.

A Winning Attitude

Inculcating Gratitude


Developing a selfless and positive outlook is key to our success story.

We are always thankful for opportunities obtained and success achieved in our growth journey.

We believe it is essential to be intellectually curious in order to be nimble and adaptive.

Our Team

Driving our customer-centric approach towards addressing the unique needs of urban living, is a stellar group of thought leaders. They bring a wealth of knowledge to the company and invaluable experience in efficiently executing landmark developments. Their decades-long association with each other has resulted in a unique synergy of minds that helps us move ahead with a singular vision.

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